10 Ways to Cleanse a Space of Negative Energy


Lighting sage

In my Holistic Angel Coaching™ Certification Course last night we talked about the importance of preparing a space energetically before doing a Holistic Angel Coaching session.  Clearing a space is very important when you are doing healing work like Holistic Angel Coaching™ or Reiki.  Clearing a space of negative energy is also used:

  • When moving into a new home or business, or selling your home.
  • After a divorce or separation.
  • After an illness or death.
  • To bring in positive energy before a celebration.
  • To enhance your work atmosphere.
  • To release unwanted energies, such as trapped spirits or ghosts.

Whether you want to improve the energy of a space in order to do healing work like Holistic Angel Coaching, or you just want your own space to feel better for some of these other reasons, here are 10 things you can do to improve the energy of a space:

  1. Clean a space thoroughly and clear all clutter.  Give away or throw out unused or broken items.
  2. Remove items that trigger negativity or have been left by previous owners/occupants.
  3. Burn cleansing herbs such as sage, sweetgrass, cedar, or palos santos (holy wood)
  4. Light a candle – the fire burns away negativity.
  5. Light incense – the pleasant scents of the incense chases out negativity and brings in positive energy.
  6. Use a bowl of salt water - fill a bowl with sea salt and set it in the middle of the area. Be sure the salt has no preservatives or additives like iodine. Leave the bowl in the area for 30 minutes or longer if you feel it’s necessary.  Alternatively, you can leave the bowl of saltwater in a corner and change it every day.
  7. Ring a bell – the bell’s rings naturally disburse negative energy.  Wind chimes act similarly to a bell.
  8. Let in fresh air and light- open windows &/or doors.
  9. Call upon Archangel Michael to clear the space of any negative energy.  Ask Archangel Michael to place a divine light bubble around the perimeter of the area and to fill the entire space with healing, clearing energy.
  10. Play high vibrational music.

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  1. Penny Imes
    2063 days ago

    I just added your web page to my bookmarks. I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you!

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