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In the Life Alchemy Workshop you will learn how to shift your inner and outer environment to help you create your most FABULOUS, most HAPPY life.

Are you trying to birth some BIG dreams? Do you want more LOVE and romance? How about achieving MORE career success or financial freedom? Would you enjoy feeling more VITALITY and having more fun? Do you want more HAPPINESS regardless of what is going on in your life?  Are you ready to release any blocks to having an EXQUISITE life?

If you are BOLD enough to live this full-out, join Monick Halm in a unique and ground-breaking 9-week Life Alchemy Workshop.


The Life Alchemy Workshop is a powerful workshop for life transformation.  It is a 9-week Feng Shui and Positive Psychology-based transformational workshop.  During the Life Alchemy Workshop, you’ll be “stretched” by Monick to see a much bigger vision of what’s possible for you, you’ll begin to uncover the hidden reasons why you’re not currently living your most authentically fabulous life, and you’ll learn the exact processes to shift your mindset, transform your space, create more happiness, and upgrade your entire life - both personally and professionally. The tools are practical, and the results are magical.


9 Tuesday nights (6:30–8:00 PST), September 9, 2014 – November 4, 2014.  All calls will be recorded, so you can attend live and/or listen to the classes later at your convenience.


Your telephone – receive call-in information when you register.



•Nine powerful 90-minute weekly Feng Shui meets the Science of Happiness teleconferences ($3375 value)

•1-on-1 Life Alchemy Session with Monick Halm ($250 value)

•Life Alchemy Workshop Kit ($50 value)

•Life Alchemy Journal ($20 value)

•Accountability Partners

•Powerful Worksheets with Life Changing Tools

•Access to the Life Alchemy Online Community

•Unlimited e-Mail Access to Monick Halm

•And other surprise goodies!



This workshop will help you create life alchemy — in other words, harness the transformational magical energy needed to dissolve blocks and turn your life into the golden one you have been desiring.

During the workshop you will:

  • Create a crystal clear vision for the type of life you want, and what it will take to make it happen – FAST;
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success;
  • Discover how to create more happiness in your life; and
  • Leave each session feeling RENEWED, RE-ENERGIZED & INSPIRED to create the change you desire.

Each week we will focus on one life area and apply feng shui principles and tools from the science of happiness to improve each one of the 9 essential life areas represented in the feng shui bagua map:

  • Health
  • Life Path/Career
  • Self-Knowledge
  • Family
  • Money
  • Reputation/Self-Expression
  • Romance
  • Creativity/Children
  • Helpful People/Spirit Guides/Travel.



You are a good fit for the Life Alchemy Workshop if you…

  • Are a person who’s ready to improve their environment, career, relationships, and/or health.
  • Are willing to try new experiments and to take on activities even if they’re outside your comfort zone
  • Want access to a feng shui expert and a life and career coach who will explain things clearly and provide all the tools you’ll need to achieve your goals.
  • Like to be challenged, are willing to do the work required to succeed, and have a no-excuses, do-what-it-takes approach to success.
  • Have a “yes, can do” attitude with enthusiasm and drive.

If you are open, enthusiastic, and you do the work, you will see results!  The workshop utilizes the latest science on Happiness, coaching and mindset work to help you dissolves internal blocks to progress and success. And it uses feng shui to help you dissolve environmental blocks as you organize, de-clutter, and purify your space. In fact, the external blocks you deal with in feng shui are a reflection of the internal blocks you experience, which is one of the reasons that this is such a powerful workshop. Also, you have the support, inspiration, and wisdom of Monick Halm and the other group members. In other words, the workshop provides the most potent modalities for releasing blocks and promoting positive life change.


The workshop is valued at over $3600 but we are offering this program for only $647.  Alternatively you can pay in 3 monthly payments of $225.



If after 30 days you are not completely thrilled with your experience in the workshop, we will give you a full refund.

There are only a limited number of spaces for this powerful workshop, so sign-up now below to reserve your spot!

Full Pay Option

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“… an incredible experience!  I easily got 10 times the value of what I paid for!  It transformed my life and my way of thinking.  I have new tools that will serve me for the rest of my life AND I had a blast!”  – Dorene L., Sacramento, CA

“The Life Alchemy Workshop was an amazing experience.  …. I really had no idea the immediate power it would have to significantly change things so quickly!  If I had to use four adjectives to describe it, they would be ‘Flippin’ Amazing!’ ‘Life Changing,’ ‘Soul Reviving’ and ‘Burden Lifting.  This class changed my life!  From taking this class I am now am in a wonderful relationship, love my job and feel more authentic than I’ve ever felt before!! (And no this isn’t a paid advertisement… ;-) ).“ -Sheri D., Boise, ID



Monick Halm: As an educator, career and life coach, author, speaker, Reiki Master, feng shui expert, and artist, Monick Halm works with her clients to help them uncover their dreams, pursue their passions, and find true balance.  She is the founder of the LIFE ALCHEMY SCHOOL™.  Her powerful tools for transformation on mental, emotional, and energetic levels have helped individuals worldwide reconnect with and start living their dream lives.