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Money Alchemy Workshop

An innovative & experiential 6-month coaching workshop designed to transform your relationship with money so you can experience greater financial peace, ease, mastery and abundance.

Money Alchemy with Monick Halm

August 9, 2016 – January 26, 2017

12 Tuesdays, 6:30pm – 8:00 p.m. PST


Would you like to…

Discover how you can uncover limiting beliefs that sabotage your ability to receive abundance and success without even realizing it?

Remove unconscious limits on the amount of prosperity, accomplishment, and even love that you could receive?

Learn how you can change a few simple things in your every habits, life, and living space that would help you more easily and with grace attract more of what you want personally and professionally?

Find financial freedom and financial mastery?

If so, join Monick Halm in the upcoming Money Alchemy Workshop group. This Money Alchemy Workshop is for extraordinary women ready to move to the next level in their finances.  In this 6-month workshop, we will do all of the above – assist you to uncover limiting beliefs sabotaging your ability to receive abundance and success, remove unconscious limits on the amount of good you can receive, learn how to change your habits and living space to attract more of what you want in your personal and professional life, while providing coaching and support throughout the journey.



What: A 6-month transformational money group workshop and coaching program where you will be given the tools and support you need to shift your space and your mind to create a financial life of solid gold.

When: 12 Tuesdays, August 9, 2016 to January 26, 2017 from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. PST (you will receive all dates when you register)

Where:  Webinar from the comfort of your own home or office

Who: Facilitated by Monick Halm: certified Money Mastery Coach, NLP coach, Holistic Angel Coach, right brain expert, best-selling author and speaker.

Investment: $2997 (early bird price $2647 before July 9) or 8 installments of $397/month





  • Your Money Mindset and Hidden Beliefs – we will uncover and assist you to get rid of hidden beliefs that are getting in the way of the financial success you desire.

  • The 4 Types of Money Relationships, which type you are, and how to shift your particular money relationship into one that is much healthier and prosperous for you.

  • Money Management – Owning your money so it doesn’t own you, but rather works for you.

  • Money and Your Environment – How to use feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, to create a more prosperous environment

  • Pleasure and Money – How to have a more fun and loving relationship with money and how to use the pleasure path to create more overflow.






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Who I am and why am passionate about teaching Money Mindset?  I was not always passionate about money – in fact, I used to avoid dealing with money like the plague.


I was a classic avoider and overspender (those are two of the archetypes in the 4 money archetypes).

I was a single lawyer with a very comfortable 6-figure salary and yet I was living paycheck to paycheck.  My bags, shoes, trips around the world, and Audi were nice, but all my things ultimately left me feeling rather empty and stressed out.  I felt out of control with my spending. Sometimes I would have to turn to credit cards to cover my bills and my debt was increasing.  It was not pretty.

I often left piles of mail lying around unread for weeks.  Even though I had the money in the account I would often not pay my bills until I got notified that it was past due and I owed a late fee.  This was not good for my credit or my bottom line.  It was also not good for my peace of mind.  It made me anxious so I would turn to spending (aka “retail therapy”)… starting the cycle all over again.

The only things I’d been taught as a child about money (other than “dealing with money was stressful” and “money doesn’t grow on trees”) was “go to school and get a good job.” I was taught that having a good job and making a good salary would be enough to have good finances.  It turns out that having a good salary is not enough if you don’t know how to handle the money you got.  No matter how much I earned, I managed to spend every cent and then some.  Something had to change.

I hired a financial advisor to help me get organized with my money.  He made me lots of nice charts and graphs and showed me how to allocate my money.  He created a plan for me.  It was nice to get awareness of where my money was going, and we did make it so that part of my money automatically went to savings and investments, but ultimately I still couldn’t get myself to pay my bills on time or not overspend.

When I knew things had to change…

When I got engaged to my now husband I decided that I didn’t want to bring my financial issues into this marriage.  Money issues are one of the main reasons that marriages fail.  I knew for the sake of our “happily ever after” I needed to dive deep and nip my money issues in the bud.  I needed more than to be told what to do.  I needed to understand WHY and HOW things worked so I could make better decisions for myself.

I started to study and take courses in finances.  I read financial books and money magazines.  I took several workshops on finances.  I learned skills and got better and more knowledgable, but I didn’t do the inner or spiritual work at first.  I now knew a lot about money, but I still was debting, overspending, and avoiding dealing with my own finances.  I felt guiltier because I knew that I what I should be doing, but just couldn’t get myself to do it!

I let my husband take care of finances, and it was working ok when I had a steady paycheck, but when I started my own business as a coach, teacher, and angel channel I came up with all sorts of money blocks and really had to get deeper to survive. I had to work through and overcome several limiting beliefs around:

  • could I make money working on my passion? A big part of me believed I could only find financial success as a lawyer or doctor.
  • could interactions with money actually be pleasurable instead of stressful?
  • could I create a more loving relationship with money (as opposed to avoiding it or being something I begrudgingly dealt with?
  • how could I tap into the real abundance of the Universe and become resourceful enough to always be able to create, save, and grow money?

I studied to become a Money Mastery coach.  I learned how to help others discover and rewrite their stories around money.  In the process I was able to  me rewrite my own.  I learned how to use Human Software Engineering and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to get rid of limiting beliefs stored on an unconscious level and stored in the body, and in the process started removing my own.

I worked with the angels and guides to heal my relationship with money through all dimensions of space and time and to release past-life vows of poverty.  The angels really guided me to heal my relationship with money and to share what I was learning with others.

The angels say when we are abundant, we are better able to share our gifts with the world.  It is the creator’s will for us to be prosperous, so it is of the utmost importance for each of us to heal our relationships with money.  Healing our relationships with money is about much more than being prosperous – it heals our own sense of worth, enables our ability to share our gifts, and uplifts the entire planet.

And then like magic…

When I started to work on this deep level, change happened quickly!  In less than 6 months, I went from having $65,000 in debt to having over $600,000 in the bank!

The end of my story is not the end. I’m still on my journey (I am not a billionaire yet), but I’ve shifted from ignoring and fearing money to loving and honoring money and it’s place in my life.

The shifts…

I’ve shifted from believing that I could only make money as a lawyer to earning more money per hour as a spiritual coach and teacher.

I’ve empowered myself and am empowering my children around money. I have a child who’s an actor and who is starting to bring in lots of money. It’s fun to teach him and my other children about how fun it is to save and watch money grow (instead of spending it all).

I have shifted so I no longer use money and spending as therapy. I don’t have to buy something to feel better – when I need to feel better I have much healthier tools (my angels, exercise, basking in the love of my family and friends, and THIS IS A BIG ONE – I now allow myself to feel my uncomfortable feelings and I deal with the real issues).

I paid off over $65,000 in credit card debt and am now DEBT FREE! (Well, the only exceptions are the mortgages on our primary residence and real estate investment properties.)

I buy only what I need and what is truly valuable for me.

I am now able to share more with charities and causes I believe in.

I now relish my savings accounts and investments.  I have investments!!!  I was able to start living my dream of investing in real estate.

I have created multiple income streams (several of which are passive) – I make money while I sleep from my books, products, my stock portfolio, and my income properties.

I love money and money loves me!  I enjoy dealing with it!

And I love assisting others to do the same!

Would you like to create a healthier and more prosperous relationship around money?  If so, register below.  Space is limited.




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monick-speakerMeet Monick P. Halm, JD, CPC

Monick P. Halm, JD, CPC. is the co-owner and Chief Creative Officer of the Checklist Mom and the co-founder of Real Estate Investor Goddesses.

Monick is a certified Money Mastery Coach, Holistic Angel Coach™, certified NLP and Success coach, career transformation coach, educator, best-selling author, feng shui expert, Reiki Master, and speaker.  She helps professionals thrive in every area of their lives. Monick provides one-on-one and group coaching, powerful, interactive workshops and retreats, and motivational talks filled with powerful tools for transformation on mental, emotional, and energetic levels and has helped individuals worldwide reconnect with and start living their dream lives.

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