How to Speed Up Your Physical Healing

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A lot of people say they want to get out of pain, and I’m sure that’s true, but they aren’t willing to make healing a high priority. They aren’t willing to look inside to see the source of their pain in order to deal with it.” ~Lindsay Wagner

A little while ago a friend of mine was about to go into the hospital to get her tonsils removed.  She e-mailed me to ask for my suggestions on how she could heal better.  She wanted to have a speedy and pleasant healing experience.  I think my response to her could be useful to others, so I am sharing my e-mail.

“Dear [Friend],

I’m sending lots of positive thoughts your way and am holding the awareness that you are already healthy, whole, and complete.  Illness is the beginning of healing, so congratulations for creating this situation to bring you higher.

[My friend had decided that she was going to write a recovery blog, but wanted other suggestions for how to promote healing.]  You are of course brilliant for writing the recovery blog — the script of a blessed and easy recovery.  That’s already an excellent step to take for healing.  Since you’ve asked for my suggestions on other ways to take yourself higher, here you go:

  1. Ask you body what lesson she is trying to send you.  The tonsils are around the area of the fifth chakra — the throat chakra/seat of communication.  Is there perhaps an issue about speaking your truth out into the world that your body is sending you?  Tune into that area of pain and ask if Anything else come up when you ask your body? Pain is your body’s cry for help.  It sends messages subtly, but when those messages are ignored they end up getting stronger and stronger. Listening to the message will help you heal.
  2. Organize yourself around your pleasure … really indulge in whatever makes you feel good.  Revel in sensual pleasures… flowers for the eyes, wonderful scents (lavender is relaxing; peppermint or citrus are energizing), tastes (whatever tastes good to you — whatever that will be when you have your tonsils out); tactile (love from your honey, but also wonderful fabrics… silks, velvets, etc.)
  3. Allow others to serve you.  Their service is a gift to you.  Your accepting it is a gift to them.
  4. Laugh as much as possible.  Laughter really is one of nature’s best medicines.  I recently spent the weekend with some friends in Canberra and the husband is a doctor.  He was telling me how studies have shown that laughter literally repairs DNA and sadness destroys it.  Laugh, laugh, laugh.  Call the laughter yoga line.  Watch funny movies or tv shows.  Read funny books.  Hang out with people who make you laugh, etc
  5. Use positive mantras for your healing.  ”Every atom in my body is healthy, whole, and complete.”  ”Everything in my life is healing right now.”  ”I am willing to change the mental conditions that have created this situation.”  ”I am willing to heal.”  I know you know how to create and use mantras, so pick or create whatever resonates most for you.
  6. Create a vision board.  It can be for your entire life or it can be limited to this period of recovery.  What do you want to create during this time?
  7. Receive Reiki.  Reiki promotes your natural healing energy.  It’s a relaxing and wonderful way to complement other healing modalities.”

Those were my suggestions for promoting healing.  If you have others, I would love to hear about them.  Please comment!

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