Spring 2015 – Ojai, California


You have extraordinary gifts and talents to share with the world.  You have an extraordinary capacity for pleasure and for spiritual joy.  Something – whether fears, not knowing, past experiences, or societal conditioning – may have kept you from fully expressing this glory and living the extraordinary life you were meant to live. Learn to unleash yourself and awaken your inner goddess during this very special 3-day retreat.

At this weekend retreat for women only you’ll have a safe environment in which to learn how to break through your barriers and reclaim your ecstasy. Mystery and delight awaits you on the other side of your boundaries. Celebrate the awakening of your divine self in this relaxed, informal group.

No matter what your age, whether you’re 21 or 101, know that we are all sisters traveling on a path to more awareness, more love, more creativity, abundance and power. This weekend we will walk the path together.


Getting in Touch with your Dreams

  1. •Visioning
  2. •Unleashing your creativity
  3. •You’ll learn powerful practices that will crystalize your vision and provide a blue print for the breakthrough to your most exquisite life.

Opening to Pleasure and Potential

  1. •Grounding: staying centered and connected
  2. •Connecting to your Body: with love and acceptance
  3. •Daring to be YOU: Allowing yourself to live a life of pleasure–in all ways, on all levels.

Expanding Your Creativity

Entice your creative goddess out to play through the magic of art. Create your own goddess talisman or reverent vision image as a tangible memento to carry the power of this amazing weekend with you.

Dancing Circle - "And they danced with wild abandon through tears and laughter and sisterhood with arms and hearts flung wide open"


Sacred Celebration

Ritual and Intention: Sacredness is manifested in ritual acts of celebration. Through sound, body movement, and magical ceremony you’ll discover how to become comfortable with your goddess and allow her to emerge in your daily life.

Safety and Trust

Your dreams are deeply personal subjects that need to be nurtured. I do my utmost to create a space that is safe for you to explore these profound aspects of yourself. I encourage you to push past your boundaries in this sacred atmosphere of sisterhood.

If you would like to talk to me about this retreat I invite you to call me at 1-213-479-1856 or you can email your questions to me at

Believing in your magic,
Monick Halm Signature



•Three powerful days of workshops and expansion

•A Saturday night dance celebration

•Life Alchemy Journal

•Powerful Worksheets with Life Changing Tools

•And other surprise goodies!



Monick Halm

As an educator, career and life coach, author, speaker, Reiki Master, and former mediator and corporate attorney, Monick Halm works with her clients to help them uncover their dreams, pursue their passions, and find true balance.  She is the founder of the LIFE ALCHEMY SCHOOL.  Her powerful tools for transformation on mental, emotional, and energetic levels have helped individuals worldwide reconnect with and start living their dream lives.