Monick Halm has made it her mission to empower professional women to thrive in their life and career choices.
She provides one-on-one and group coaching, powerful, interactive workshops and retreats, and motivational talks filled with powerful tools for transformation on mental, emotional, and energetic levels and has helped individuals worldwide reconnect with and start living their dream lives.

Monick spent the first part of her career as a corporate litigator and mediator. After a life-threatening illness helped her realize what was most important to her, she began a quest to study all ways to live a thriving happy life.  It started as a personal task, but ended up as a personal mission and a career.  As the founder of and teacher at the Life Alchemy School, career and life coach, angel intuitive, author, speaker, teacher, Feng Shui expert, and Reiki Master, Monick Halm now works with clients and students all over the world to help them take a holistic approach to uncovering their dreams, pursuing their passions, and finding true balance.

Monick earned her Juris Doctorate degree from Columbia Law School in New York and received her coach training certification from Coach Training Alliance.  Monick has studied Reiki and attained the Reiki Master level. She has also extensively studied feng shui, cognitive and behavioral sciences, positive psychology, law of attraction principles, pleasure living principles, and other modalities for living a healthier, more meaningful life. She is the author of the forthcoming book, “A Right Brain Guide for a Left Brain Profession on Creating Career Success and True Life Balance,” “The Inner Game – 5 Fun & Simple Daily Habits for Creating Your Ideal Life Balance Now,” “Messages of Love & Light: Words of Guidance from the Angels Regarding Love, Health, and Finding Your Life Purpose,” and is a contributing author with Lisa Nichols of the bestselling book “Living Proof – The Gift That Came Wrapped in Sandpaper.” She is also an artist, writer, yoga practitioner, endurance runner, world traveler, wife and mother of three. She focuses on balance and experiencing life as fully as she can, and helping her clients to do the same.