Thrive 2.0 – Career & Life Transformation Program

A divine & holistic approach to transforming into the most gorgeous & brilliant next phase of your life.


Are you a professional woman struggling to find the answers to any or all of the following questions?

  • I’m at a new phase of my life and desire or need to reinvent myself – how do I do it?
  • I’ve done everything I’m “supposed” to do…why am I still not enjoying my life?
  • I feel lost and stuck in a soul sucking job or toxic relationships, how do I extricate myself and/or know what else to move towards?
  • My body has given me a wake-up call (through illness or injury) and I know I need a change, but how do I do that?
  • My life has given me a wake-up call (through unemployent or ended relationship) and I need to make a change, but how do I do that?
  • How can I move forward and thrive?

I know these questions because I lived these questions. I spent 8 years trying to extricate myself from a legal career that I expected to make me happy. I thought I should feel ecstatic to be where I was – in a prestigious job and making a healthy 6-figure salary. I wasn’t anywhere near happy, but I figured that maybe when I made partner THEN I would be.

My mantra used to be “I’ll be happy when…”

After all, throughout my life I had been told that I would be happy when I got good grades. I would be happy when I got a prestigious job. I would be happy when I made good money. Despite those promises, I was miserable.

When I landed in the hospital with a ruptured appendix and my first thought upon being admitted to the hospital was “thank God I don’t have to go to work!” it finally hit me: I could not wait to be happy WHEN.  I needed to be happy NOW. This unhappiness was literally killing me. It was time to get clear on what I wanted so I could escape this crushing misery.  I worried though - was it TOO LATE for me?  I had invested so much time in my education and career.  Could I actually reinvent myself at this age?

Two stories gave me hope that I could reinvent myself:

  •  The first story I read in the hospital.  It was about the artist Henri Matisse.  It turns out Matisse was trained as a lawyer.  He did not start to paint until 1889 after his mother brought him art supplies during a period of convalescence following an appendicitis!  (I wonder why that resonated with me, right?!) Even though it deeply disappointed his father, he quit the law and became a world renowned and highly influential painter.
  • The second story I read when I first returned back to the law firm – a biography about Julia Child.  In the 1940s, when most women got married in their late teens or early 20s, she got married at 34, and she didn’t learn to cook until she was 37.  She had careers in two different fields previously, but she had just moved to France with her husband and felt completely lost and at odds – not knowing what to do.  She followed her passion for food, which led her to teach cooking and write a cookbook.  She didn’t publish her first cookbook until she was 49 and she did not start on television until she was 51.

So with some hope from these stories, I set about changing my life.  I realized I wanted more than to just escape the misery I felt.  I realized I could and was meant to live a life that felt amazing to me and honored my unique desires. So, I went on a journey to discover and create my own version of amazing. That journey led me to completely reinvent myself and create the Life Alchemy School -a school focused on teaching and coaching women to thrive in every area of their lives.

My latest Life Alchemy School creation is the Thrive 2.0 – Career & Life Transformation Program. I consider it one of my hallmark achievements, because it truly supports a woman in moving through this transformative at a pivotal time on her journey in the quickest and most powerful way possible.

Together we will:

  • -Identify where you will thrive
  • -Release the mental and energetic blocks that are holding you back
  • -Create a clear step-by-step plan to get there.
  • -Teach you tools that will provide you with life-long ability to take guided action
  • -Keep you completely supported on the journey of your reinvention.

Throughout the process I will be there to hold your hand and support you with PLEASURE and DIVINE GRACE to live the life you were meant to live – a life where you are thriving in every way.

There are two Thrive 2.0 coaching package options.  Each coaching package incorporates the best from my personal experience, the personal experience of my clients, and over 10 years of training and research. My process, which combines traditional coaching, accessing your angels and guides, energy work, and NLP has supported clients around the world to create lives that light them up and celebrate their unique gifts and talents.

It took me over 8 years to move from misery to amazing because I did it on my own (or so I thought until I realized that I could access angels to guide and support me). There’s no need for you to go it alone OR take so long. Thrive 2.0 Coaching Package is designed to add rocket fuel to your transformation.

It’s like getting in the express lane in a luxury vehicle, with a full tank of gas, your favorite music blasting on the stereo, AND an experienced and loving co-pilot. Now, it’s up to you whether you’ll put your foot on the accelerator.

The Thrive 2.0 program is by application only.
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Thrive 2.0 is for the woman who is feeling stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, feeling a lack of clarity and/or a lack of confidence, but is deeply desiring a reinvention into a life where she will most thrive and share her gifts.

It’s not for everyone. And I know that.

I want to work with you:

• if you’re in a place of reinvention and you want deeply desire change.
• if you’re the woman who knows there’s something more out there for her but feels stuck and ONE step away from standing in her brilliance.
• if you’re interested in improving your life AND you know you can’t do it alone.

If this resonates with you, It you’ve been playing the “I’ll be happy when” game, if you have been holding on to mediocrity – DROP IT. C’mon- THIS IS YOUR LIFE. It is time to thrive NOW.

6-Month 1-on-1 Thrive 2.0 Immersion Package includes:

  • Four (4) 1 hour 1-on-1 phone thrive 2.0 coaching sessions per month (a total of 24 hours) During these weekly calls we will assess your progress, provide tools for breakthroughs, access your angels and guides to help the process unwind in divinely guided ways, keep you on track, and make sure that you are flowing as planned through your actions and mindset, while also ENJOYING the journey. ($6000 value)
  • Four (4) 30 – minute distance reiki sessions per month to clear energetic blocks. (A total of 12 hours)  The distance reiki sessions will release unseen energetic blocks and will serve to get you flowing energetically beneath the surface – avoiding self-sabotaging behaviors and getting you into alignment with universal flow. ($3000 value)
  • Unlimited e-mail access to Monick Halm (priceless)
  • Thrive 2.0 Reinvention Kit ($150 value)

 The value of each of these services on their own would total more than $9,150.

Thrive 2.0 – Career & Life Transformation 1-on-1 Alchemy Package investment: $5750 OR 6 Monthly installments of: $1000/month

If this one-on-one private coaching package resonates with you click here ( ) for an application and to set up a complimentary breakthrough session to make sure that the Thrive 2.0 – Reinvention Affer 40 6-month Immersion Coaching Package is the right fit for you.

Ready, Set, … THRIVE!